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Integration with other Products allows you to import and export data from and to other software products. Accommodates data requests from ODBC enabled products, such as Word, Excel, Lotus and Access.

  • Over 600 platforms, ranging from a small PC to large super minicomputers running under Networks, Unix, Linux and all versions of Microsoft Windows operating environments
  • Data portable across all platforms and operating environments
  • Supports virtually all printers with a built-in print manager for selecting a printer, typeface and font
  • Firms can customize help messages, menus and screen color combinations
  • Security at the user level to prevent or allow access to any function or group of functions
  • True multi-user software with record locking
  • No limits on size of database -- files grow dynamically with no need to pre-allocate disk space
  • Built-in file checking and data compression
  • Indexed data format for speed and immediate access to any record
  • Open-ended, allowing import and export of data from and to other software
  • Integration with ODBC enabled products such as Word, Access, Excel and Lotus
  • Written in Acucobol, a powerful and state-of-the-art language

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