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Since 1980, DDI, Inc. has helped hundreds of law and accounting firms improve their daily operations and bottom line through innovative practice management software. Designed for law, accounting, consulting and other professional services firms, DDI provides fully integrated accounting and practice management software tailored to your specific needs.

DDI delivers all the features you need to need to handle your firm's important administrative and accounting tasks while helping you to maximize profits, manage cash, and monitor performance.

We're a customer-directed business and it shows through the high marks we continually receive for responsiveness and support.

Our goal?
To provide DDI customers with the most practical, flexible, up-to-date practice management software on the market AND the personal attention they deserve.

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Our History

DDI began its business in 1980 assisting CPA firms with the time-consuming task of preparing their clients' financial statements. We transferred our experience in developing software for large mainframe computers to creating fast and flexible financial systems software that would run on accounting firms' in-house mini-computers. That early experience working closely with CPAs is reflected in the high ratings we continually receive for the strength of our practice management financial modules.

As newer technologies came on the market in the mid-1980's, we again redesigned our software for use on personal computers. At the same time, we introduced our first time and billing product, TIMEBILL. Then, in 1986, as professional firms began to rely more heavily on in-house automation, we launched two new comprehensive and fully integrated practice management systems. Recognizing the special and different needs of professional firms, we introduced DDI*Law for law firms, and DDI*Timetrak for accounting and consulting firms.

The new, more sophisticated computers and operating systems developed in the early 1990's, spearheaded our next software development project. Our customers needed to take advantage of the new hardware technology yet, and at the same time, protect their investment in software and historical data. We redesigned DDI*Law and DDI*Timetrak so that our customers could effortlessly change hardware and/or operating systems. Our products now run on over 600 platforms, and users can easily transport their data files without worrying about loss or reentry of data.

Changes in the industry and our customers' evolving needs continue to drive DDI's on-going product development. In the mid-1990's DDI* Law and DDI* Timetrak were combined into a powerful new product; DDI* for Professionals. Approved by professional associations – including the American Bar Association – and consistently given high marks in professional tests, DDI products continue to set the standards in practice management software.

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Our Growth Innovation
1980 Founded as a Data General VAR and developer of software for CPA firms
1982 DDI introduces company's first Time and Billing product for Data General hardware
1985 DDI rewrites software for personal computers and introduces Version 1.0
1986 DDI introduces DDI*Law Version 2.0, the first software program on the market to include now accepted standard legal software feature such as split billing, budgeting and retroactive rate changes - DDI*Law approved by ABA as an advanced system
1987 DDI launches DDI*Timetrak for accounting and consulting firms
1990 DDI*Timetrak chosen as one of the top 3 time/billing systems by CPA Micro Report
1991 DDI*Timetrak again named one of the country’s top 3 time/billing systems by CPA Micro Report
1992 DDI releases Version 3.0 rewritten in Acucobol, the state-of-the-art programming language. Law Office Automation Technology features DDI*Law on its recommended list of software
1993 DDI releases Version 4.0 incorporating over 60 new features
1996 DDI releases Version 5.0 with 58 new features
1999 DDI releases Version 7.0 with 45 new features including Electronic Billing, open architecture to allow bridges with non-DDI software and Case Management systems and ODBC drivers for extracting real-time data into popular spreadsheet, word processing and custom report writers
2002 DDI releases Version 7.3 with 23 new features including enhanced spellchecking, Active X controls and upward compatibility with new Windows environments including Windows XP.

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Flexible Software Responds to Your Needs

DDI's products are used by many of the country's leading accounting, law and consulting firms. Our clients range in size from sole practitioners to large multi-office practices across the United States, Canada and even Egypt. Our software runs on over 600 platforms, including the most popular DOS and Windows operating systems. Data files are completely portable--customers can change computers and operating systems without worrying about losing information.

Open ended, DDI software accepts time entries from any cost recovery system or data capture device installed on the firm's telephone system, facsimile machine, postage meter or copy machine. And information can be easily downloaded to popular word processing, spreadsheet and database programs such as Word, Excel, Lotus and dBASE.

DDI modular's design allows you to purchase only the software you need at any given time. And seamless interfaces eliminate entering the same information more than once.

DDI software offers a broad selection of user friendly, yet powerful management and accounting tools including:

Time Billing Base System includes complete Time and Expense Accounting, Billing, Accounts Receivables, Fee Allocation, Management Reporting and more. Advanced features, such as split billing, timekeeper income goals, and reverse billing included at no additional cost.

Task Based Billing lets you customize billing for any client. Firm can utilize the Uniform Task Based Coding system as well as set up its own unique coding structure for categorizing time and expenses.

Electronic Billing handles the preparation of mandated formatted bills to your clients. Formats include Ledes 1998B, Tymetrix, Legalguard and Litigation Assistant formats. DDI will build in any special format required by your client.

Trust Accounting handles unlimited bank accounts and up to five accounts per case to separate checking and interest bearing funds. Prints checks, pays bills and retains a complete audit trail for reconciling monies being held for a client.

Conflict Checking allows a firm to enter all information needed to avoid a conflict with active or closed matters and potential clients. System-wide searches of integrated modules eliminate the need to enter key information more than once.

Court Docketing allows a law firms to record, track and report on all events past, present and future relating to a case.

Case Budgeting helps a firm stay on top of charges budgeted for a case. Tracks accumulated billing and provides and up-to-the-minute comparison of the cost of each phase or task for the month, for a specified budget period and cumulatively for the entire case. Cumulative totals can be included on bills or used strictly for internal controls.

Staff Scheduling allows a firm to estimate and forecast staff requirements for any job. Automatically reschedules recurring tasks.

Marketing Mail List Management includes everything you need to create mailing lists, labels, Rolodex and index cards.

General Ledger helps you get to your bottom line. Gathers information from other modules providing instant insight into every G/L account including your current cash position. Creates customized financial statements. Allows you to reopen closed periods, make adjustments and reprint information for up to six years eliminating end-of-the-month crunches.

Accounts Payable is a complete system for recording vendor transactions, writing checks, taking advantage of vendor discounts, tracking 1099 payments and planning for future cash needs. Interactive posting of costs to a client’s ledger prevents any loss of reimbursable expenses and allows you to bill a client even before you have to pay the vendor.

Payroll provides accurate and on-time checks with effortless handling of deductions, pension plans and bonuses. Easy-to-read reports and on-screen inquiries of your payroll costs and each employee’s payroll situation.

Fixed Asset Management is a complete asset tracking and depreciation system. Automatic depreciation calculations are transferred directly to the general ledger.

Cost Recovery Interface accepts charges electronically from cost recovery systems, such as telephone, photocopier, facsimilie and postage meters.

Customized Reporting allows you to choose from over 300 built-in reports plus the ability to create your own reports, graphs and export files for downloading into popular spreadsheet programs such as Excel and Lotus.

Integration with other Products allows you to import and export data from and to other software products. Accommodates data requests from ODBC enabled products, such as Word, Excel, Lotus and Access.

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Experienced Staff Committed to Your Satisfaction

Our DDI staff, which averages over 25 years of experience working with and for accounting and laws firms, includes specialists in software development, operations, training and client support. The majority of our staff members have been with DDI since we first opened our doors 17 years ago. Our customers enjoy not only top-notch support but a dedicated team committed to their satisfaction.

Led by DDI founder and president, Judith Mack, our DDI staff encourages customer feedback. Many of their suggestions have been incorporated in the regular updates of DDI software. We believe this two-way partnership with our customers is the foundation of our growth and success. Our customers tell us how we can serve them better which, in turn, allows us to continually improve and fine-tune our products.

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About DDI Hardware and Platforms

Written in Acucobol, DDI software uses open system standards that offer versions for Windows, Networking, Unix, Linux and many other operating environments. Firms can upgrade from any version and change operating systems without reentering or converting data files. Whether your firm’s computer consists of a single station or a large, networked, multi-station system, DDI software delivers the same powerful results.

DDI software runs in 32-bit environments such as Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me and XP. Companies can mix and match workstation technologies so that users can process from any Windows version simultaneously. DDI software also supports popular networking products such as Novell and works seamlessly with terminal server products over the Internet.

DDI software information is accessible from any Windows-based ODBC enabled software, such as WORD, WordPerfect, Excel, Quatro and Access. And there are no limits on size of data files DDI provides built-in file checking and compression.


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