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Base System includes complete Time and Expense Accounting, Billing, Accounts Receivables, Fee Allocation, Management Reporting and more. Advanced features, such as task based billing, split billing, timekeeper income goals, and reverse billing included at no additional cost.

File Setup

  • Unlimited clients, matters, timekeepers and tasks
  • Fast set-up with user defined templates
  • Create records "on the fly" as needed without exiting input functions
  • Utilizes meaningful codes combining letters and numbers
  • Pop-up windows to look up codes from any function

Time Expense Entry

  • Unlimited number of task and activity codes
  • Accommodates Uniform Task Codes prescribed by the ABA, ACCA and Price Waterhouse
  • Define time as billable, non-billable, productive or non-productive
  • Distinguish between different types of non-billable time and expenses
  • Enter expenses as a dollar amount, or use a unit multiplier
  • Fast entry with automatic duplication of repetitive information
  • Display time sheets in any order (i.e., client, timekeeper, date, batch or input order) to find an entry
  • Mini word processor, spell checking and use of abbreviations for entering text
  • Up to 4600 characters of text per entry
  • Selective posting of entries — by client/matter, timekeeper, date range or batch
  • Split time and costs between clients based on agreed upon percentages of responsibility
  • Transfer entries to another client, matter or timekeeper even after updating permanent files
  • Enter next month's time sheets without waiting for current month's charges to be billed out
  • Retroactively revalue time by client/matter, timekeeper or date
  • Restrict each user to their own time sheets, posting to permanent files and ability to view billing rates
  • Audit trails at every level

Import/Export From Other Sources

  • Speed up billing process by distributing the task of entering time and costs among office personnel without the use of a network
  • Capture costs from any chargeback system, such as your copier, facsimile, telephone and postage equipment
  • Import data from outside calendaring, case management and other entry systems
  • Interfaces with Palm Pilot, Pocket PC's and Tom Thumb Time to Time software
  • Complete validation as data is imported from other sources


  • Task based billing
  • Electronic billing including Ledes format
  • Split billing
  • Special fee structures for any client or matter by timekeeper, staff position or task
  • Special expense structures for any client or matter by unit rate or flat charge
  • Wide variety of pre-billing reports, including bill and payment history, to assist in making billing decisions
  • Quick on-demand billing. No need to print a pre-billing report in order to print a bill
  • Trigger billing by cycle or when charges reach a preset limit. Hold billing until charges reach a predefined threshold
  • Recurring retainer billing may be used as a credit against future charges or as a flat charge in addition to normal fees
  • Correct time and expense transactions as the bill is prepared
  • Prorate write up/downs among all timekeepers on a bill or to specific timekeepers, activities or date ranges
  • Ability to duplicate and/or split bills and send to one or more different parties
  • Over 300 bill formats with user defined headings that vary from completely itemized to a single total bill
  • Allows user to emphasize portions of te bill with bold and italicized print
  • Proforma bills
  • Group time sheet entries by timekeeper and/or task — summarized or in detail
  • Can combine all matters on one bill
  • Add freeform narrative to any type of bill
  • User defined billing abbreviations
  • Reprint bills as many times as necessary
  • One-step reminder statements at any time
  • Balance forward or open item bill and payment history on any bill
  • Ability to reverse a bill and return charges to work in process
  • Preview bills on the screen before printing
  • Allocate receipts, using predefined percentages, to the responsible and originating partner, and prorate the balance among the timekeepers
  • Archive mirror images of bills for quick retrieval

Accounts Receivable

  • On-screen status at any time
  • Track separately for each matter or combine for the client
  • Select balance forward or open item method for any client or matter
  • Prioritize how payments are applied: costs first, fees first, oldest item first or specific bill
  • Ability to apply a receipt to more than 1 matter at the same time
  • Look up open bills by invoice number when receipt does not identify the client or matter bill being paid
  • Reprint billing detail at any time
  • Pay firm's bills from a client's Trust Account
  • Separate aging of fees and expenses
  • Track client writeoffs for charges that were never billed and for those that were billed but will never be paid
  • Calculates finance charges
  • Cancel payments and reinstate balance due

Management Reporting

  • Over 300 built-in easy-to-read reports
  • Print up-to-date reports at any time and for any time period(s)
  • All reports can be printed, spooled to disk and viewed on the screen for quick review
  • Group information by responsible or originating partner for quick distribution
  • Quick and in-depth analysis of:
    • who did particular work
    • time spent in certain areas
    • client profitability
    • staff productivity
    • firm performance
    • referral tracking
    • client development
    • partnership distribution of fees
    • how non-billable time was spent
    • realization of fees
    • bill and payment history
    • adjustments and write-offs
    • out-of-pocket costs and internal expenses
    • timekeeper costs and firm overhead
    • client checklists and cross reference listings

Bells and Whistles

  • Date sensitive. Allows for accessing and adjusting data from earlier periods. Move forward and backward to any period in the current or prior fiscal years for entering data and reprinting reports. Eliminates month-end closing
  • Scroll through any report on the screen
  • Archive all information for up to 99 years
  • Task-based billing
  • Split billing with user defined percentages of fees and costs
  • Case budgeting and scheduling
  • Timekeeper income goals to measure performance
  • Multiple firms or locations can be processed separately and consolidated for financial reporting
  • Track timekeeper costs and firm overhead
  • Track non-employee costs and issue 1099 information
  • Many built-in "fix it" functions to change codes, change billing rates, transfer charges and repair data
  • Built-in print manager to select a printer, typeface and font for any report
  • Powerful security to prevent access to any module or specific function
  • Extended features, such as timekeeper budgeting, at no extra cost

Report Writer

  • ODBC compliant
  • Create custom reports and graphs
  • Upload data to popular database and spreadsheet programs such as Lotus, Excel, and DBASE
  • Create ASCII and DIF files to pass information to other systems


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